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With Nozzl click and connect everyone can add Vipps to their Webflow Site
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Skip the Webflow checkout, customers can order from product page
No plotting, customers information is fetched from Vipps
Integrated with the most prominent shipping carriers

Converte more customers

4,2 million Norwegians have Vipps on their phones. Improve conversion rate by adding Vipps as a payment option to your Webflow projects.

Better insights

Together with the comunity we aim to grow our insigts panel to give you the data needed to take action.

Great user experience

Swiftly manage orders while our software updates keeps your customer in the loop. All email templates can be 100% customized from our no-code email designer.

Partiall fullfullment

Mange your orders more efficient and get happier customers. Vippsflow gives you the ability to partially fulfill orders while you wait for a re-stock.

Built to scale

Manage all your ecommerce sites from one Workspace. Store owners get's editor right to there own site and can mange users and orders.

Custom payments

Perfect for new businesses getting off the ground

Per month

50 sales per month
1 editor
1 payment method
2 % transaction fees
Chat support
Best for higher volume businesses

Per month

400 sales per month
4 editors
2 payment methods
1 % transaction fees
Chat support
Scale your online business to new heights

Everything in Startup and Growth
Custom pricing model
Custom amount of editors
Dedicated chanal support
Prioritized feature requests
Custom integrations

Frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions please direct them to our Discord

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