Custom payment options, improved order management, and valuable user insights.

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Use Webflow to manage products
Built with the comunity

Offer one click payments

Klarna offers the most seamless path to boosting sales and elevating the average order value. Gain a broader customer base that not only makes more purchases but also does so with increased frequency.

Get insights

Together with the comunity we aim to grow our insigts panel to give you the data needed to take action.
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Let customers choose their preferred drop-off location and schedule delivery times with these integrations

Meet the demands of Norwegian customers, and offer their prefrerred payment method

4,2 million Norwegians have Vipps on their phones. Improve conversion rate by adding Vipps as a payment option to your Webflow projects.

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Partiall fullfullment

Mange your orders more efficient and get happier customers. Vippsflow gives you the ability to partially fulfill orders while you wait for a re-stock.

Built to scale

Manage all your ecommerce sites from one Workspace. Store owners get's editor right to there own site and can mange users and orders.

Great user experience

Swiftly manage orders while our software updates keeps your customer in the loop. All email templates can be 100% customized from our no-code email designer.

Fully customizable emails

Be on brand, use our template builder to edit our templates. Want more flexebility? 
No worreis, you can also create your own templates using HTML

Pick and choose the apps you need

Vipps Checkout

Clik and connect to Vipps and start using the preffered payment method for 4.3 million Norwegians
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Klarna checkout

People in the Webflow forum have stated that they really want Klarna checkout, is this something you need?
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Tax override

People in the Webflow forum have stated that a functionality to override tax calculations is needed, is this something you need?
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Cart retention

Wnat to know more about what customers have in their cart, and give them a nudge?
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Agile Team Lead at IslandGarden
The setup was really smooth!
UX Designer
I have been working with Webflow since 2016 but never executed larger ecommerce projects due to limited payment options.
Marketing Specialist at Vecora
It is nice to see someone who has created a simple system that just works.
CEO at Starmade
Nozzl managed to create a solution that a multi-million dollar company failed to do.
Designer at Henlo Media
I have been waiting for this for a long time! Nozzl will provide enormous value for both customers and business partners.

Frequently asked questions

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Design in Weblfow

Our service works samlesly with webflows native funcionality. No need to alter how you design.

Grow faster

Extend your Webflow shop with apps that increases convertions.

Provide good UX

From cart to mail box, we prioritize features that will contribute to a better user experience.

Forget code

We would never aske you to alter code or use javascript to get your project going.

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No code
Use Webflow to manage products
Built with the comunity